Milestone is not only a kindergarten or a montessori or a preprimary school or a crèche but it is a child development centre which includes:

Preparatory classes for formal education.
  • a. Play group I & Play Group II – Time : 9:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M.
  • b. LKG & UKG – Time : 9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M.
The Milestone Junior

Children are directly promoted to the Milestone Junior (i.e the senior school for class – 1 to 12) The Milestone Junior follows C.B.S.E. pattern; itemphasize on all round personality development. It is based on the theories of adolescent psychology.


Homework, tuition, test preparation and other assistance given to the children which needed because of inadequacy and non-availability of home front in a joyful interesting environment.

Personality development classes for children
  • (a) Improving independence, creativity, self-confidence, public speaking, overcoming shyness etc.
  • (b) Improving math’s, writing English etc.
GuidanceProgramme for mother
  • (a) Role of mother in child development.
  • (b) How to help your child in studies.
  • (c) Parent child relationship.
Hobby development & Aptitude-discovery classes for young children
  • (a) Dance
  • (b) Music
  • (c) Painting & Drawing
  • (d) Instruments like tabala, guitar.

Special Features

Milestone offers a facility of child guidance services renderedby a specialist in child psychology. Parent an consult for their problems and queries


  • 1. The centre provides the most appropriate atmosphere for the children ranging from the age 2 years to 6 years.
  • 2. It has play group (Pre-nursery & Nursery), Preprimary class (UKG & LKG), Personality development classes for Young children & young mothers, talent discovery classes(Music, Dance, Instrument etc.)
  • 3. All-round development of the children is taken into account i.e. physical development, motor development, personal & social development, intellectualand emotional development under the supervision of a full time Child Psychology.
  • 4. Special attention is given on good habit formation.
  • 5. It provides space for both large & small group activities (play group etc)
  • 6. A doll’s corner is available with doll’s equipment, puppets, doctor’s set, mechanical set, kitchen set for imaginative play.
  • 7. A Block Corner is available with building blocks, construction sets and other manipulative material.
  • 8. A Science Corneris also available with articles like magnet, magnifying glass, balance floating and bunching material to develop scientific aptitude for simple experimentation& observation.
  • 9. A section for Creative Arts is available with all the material for the Developmentof Creativity & Artistic ability.
  • 10. A good picture book corner is available for choosing & handling books.
  • 11. Blackboard is provided at a low height at the level of children to be use freely it for drawing, scribbling etc.
  • 12. The child is exposed to different fields of art like painting, drawing, singing etc. to find out the inner capabilities.
  • 13. Different Competitions like fancy dress, fancy races, who am I? are Conducted.
  • 14. Some festivals are celebrated to make the child aware of Indian culture.
  • 15. Special attention is given to child’s birthday.
  • 16. Some pets are available for children to give them a feeling of warmth & love.
  • 17. A Sand Pit is there in the centre for children’s enjoyment.
  • 18. Audio visual Aids are used in the school.
  • 19. Special attention will be given to teach children good manners & behavior. Dining manners & polite conversation.
  • 20. The child is given an opportunity to take interest & learn some games.
  • 21. Regular parent teacher meet is arranged for having better understanding of child.
  • 22. Variety of educational toys are given to the children to develop their eye hand coordination memory, finger dexterity and reasoning.
  • 23. Computer courses specially designed for tiny tots is available to play & learn with package composed of music, animation and games.